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Unspeakable Net Worth: Unspeakable is one of the most highly paid YouTubers worldwide who has an immense fan following and subscribers. As of 2023, The net worth of this young talented guy has been estimated to be $30 million at such a young age of 22 years.

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As of 2023, Unspeakable’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $30 million.

Full Name:

Nathan Johnson Graham

Also known as:Unspeakable

December 5, 1997

Born State:Houston, Texas
Net Worth:$30 Million
Height:182 cm (6 feet)
Astrological sign:Sagittarius
Age:24 Years Old
Profession:Youtuber, Gamer, Brand Owner
Last Updated:2023
Net Worth 2023$30 Million
Previous Net Worth 2022$30 Million
Annual Income through ads$5 Million
Annual Income$9.9 Million
Source Of IncomeYoutube

Unspeakable is a pretty well-known YouTuber and a gamer who got fame from his YouTube channel Unspeakable gaming. His real name is Nathan, and he is one of the emerging young and talented youth. Nathan displays the mine craft videos, custom maps, challenges, role plays, etc., in his channel.

The content unspeakable posts on his channel are interesting enough for the audience, as the humor and fun, he adds to it boost viewers’ energy. He has a huge fan following the gaming content, and his fans wait for his upcoming videos excitedly. Here we will talk about the achievements, personal life, and net worth of unspeakable that he has got so far.

Early Life

Unspeakable’s full name is Nathan Graham Johnson, and he was born on December 5, 1997. Even though he is an extrovert guy, he has a significant interest in gaming and stuff. In his family, Nathan has his parents and a younger brother.

Nathan was born in Houston, Texas, and he joined the boy scouts at six. As a young kid, he had always been a fan of playing video games. He has stated that he would always ask for a new video game on every birthday or Christmas day as a kid.

As a student, he has always hated homework, and he used to record videos with his friends. Unspeakable’s first YouTube channel was “Mr. Gaming 1000,” which he had deleted as he found that stupid before he could introduce his new channel “Unspeakable Gaming.”

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Personal Life

Many people and fans are curious to know about a lot of things related to Graham’s personal life. When talking about his nature, unspeakable is very friendly, as we can see in his videos. His fans are also curious to see the unspeakable house, his lifestyle, who is an unspeakable girlfriend, unspeakable gaming setup, etc.

Unspeakable is the owner of a huge and gorgeous house that is situated on an island. The house is no different from a grand palace and has all the luxuries that anyone could only wish to live. When talking about unspeakable gaming setup, he has incredible and proper equipment about that he had shot a YouTube video displaying the gaming setup.

When talking about his unspeakable girlfriend, his girlfriend’s name was Kayla Spark, who used to be his classmate. Unspeakable, and Kayla were childhood sweethearts. Even though they are not together anymore, and so far, Nathan has not been dating anyone after his breakup.

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Unspeakable net worth and Career

Unspeakable YouTube channel comprises a considerable number of mine craft videos. The witty, humorous, and exciting videos have made him one of the most highly paid YouTubers. There is no doubt that unspeakable has gained an immense fan following, fame, and viewership with his content.

After the remarkable success of his YouTube gaming channel, Graham has started a new YouTube channel. There he pulls pranks on his friends, drives crazy cars, takes insane challenges, and a lot of stunts like these. You will explore a high level of energy in his videos that will take your excitement level at its best.

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Unspeakable Earnings

When talking about earnings, we cannot have a crystal clear idea about that, but as per estimation, unspeakable makes more than $600k each month. The earning is not limited to it. It is the minimum that he earns in a month. There were months when he made it to up to $237k in July 2020.

The first cheque that Nathan had received was $156 from YouTube. He had stated that when the first cheque arrived, he had no idea about the authenticity of YouTube payments. He also stated that getting that paycheque made him feel “Wow” that there is a possibility of making money from YouTube.

It also boosted unspeakable confidence, and he realized that if YouTube can be a source of earning, he must invest more of his time and efforts in it. He also added that he opened up his mind to multiple ideas of different goals that he wanted to reach with the help of a YouTube channel.

Unspeakable Brand

All the followers and fans of unspeakable know about the brand he has launched to buy different products. But he mainly focuses on clothing there. Unspeakable says on his website that he likes to create a bond with his fans, and this way, the fans can have a piece of him with them.

Unspeakable says that when someone purchases a product, he takes unspeakable with them at home. He further added that he has also got a big interest in creating amazing products for his fans, as we all know about his passion for creating videos. He also claims that he makes those products and personally uses them in his daily life.

Unspeakable net worth

As of now, Unspeakable has an estimated net worth of about $30 million. He earns an estimated $9.9 million a year. The first cheque that Nathan had received was $156 from YouTube


Unspeakable is a young YouTube gamer who owns two YouTube channels where he uploads mine craft videos. The success of his gaming channel boosted his confidence, and he started another YouTube where he pulls pranks with his friends and takes insane challenges, etc. The young and talented YouTuber has a pretty friendly nature.

As a student, unspeakable hated to do homework from school and was interested in playing video games. In his family, Nathan has got a younger brother and his parents. When talking about relationships, he was in a relationship with Kayla Spark, but they sadly announced that they are not together anymore. At such a young age, the net worth of unspeakable has been estimated to be $30 million.

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Unspeakable Net Worth (Updated 2023) Earnings, Salary, Wiki (2024)


Who is Unspeakable's girlfriend? ›

a lot of you guys probably know my girlfriend kayla or kayko. she's been in a lot of videos. and a lot of you guys. I know absolutely love her and love us together.

Who is the CEO of Unspeakable? ›

Nathan Milner is the CEO of Unspeakable.

Did Unspeakable break up with Kayco? ›

we both agreed that things were just not working for us. we tried for a really long time and things just weren't working. so we decided to split.

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