New Look Of Infinite Campus - Infinite Campus Dashboard (2024)

Infinite Campus has a new look and feel! Campus customers can now toggle a switch to replace their existing Infinite Campus with a new UI and navigational structure. This new Infinite Campus experience is the same look and feel that is available in the Parent and Student portals. It contains all of the same tools as the current Infinite Campus but includes several improvements.

Want to see a live demo of the New Look. View the video here.

  • 1 Why is Infinite Campus Making This Change?
  • 2 What is the Current Timeline for the New Look of Infinite Campus?
  • 3 How Do I Turn It On?
  • 4 Improvements with the New Look
    • 4.1 Simplified Navigation Structure
    • 4.2 Responsive UI Design
    • 4.3 User-Created Menu
    • 4.4 Intuitive Related Tools Toolbar
    • 4.5 Navigable Breadcrumbs
    • 4.6 Student Information Card
  • 5 Finding/Favoriting Commonly Used Tools

Infinite Campus wants users to have a positive experience when using their product. When first logging in, it should be easy to find the tools and data you need to complete your job. Infinite Campus believes these new changes will help to improve your experience and make your job easier.

As a living software system, Infinite Campus doesn't update to a new version quite like other programs do. Most of you may not know this, but Infinite Campus releases new features and software changes every 4 weeks. The IC team here at Central Enrollment checks and tests all these new changes and then rolls them out to our District users. The New Look is a much bigger change than a standard update as it touches all areas of the product and has been years in the making. They are making changes to their product to keep their student information system viable into the future.

Keep in mind Infinite Campus still functions the same. However, the location of many of the tools that you commonly use are now in a different space. This change is for the ‘Look and Feel’, but IC works the same way. Therefore, this is NOT ABOUT LEARNING A NEW STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM; it is just learning to navigate the New Look. Infinite Campus the product still functions the same.

Enhancements and features continue to be added to the New Look and Feel of Infinite Campus as

it remains in Open Beta through the 2022-2023 school year. Although significant progress has been made, there are several important milestones that need to be completed before Infinite Campus can move past an open beta status. Once they are ready to make the New Look and Feel of Infinite Campus the default navigation, they plan to keep Classic Campus available for an additional school year.

Therefore, the short answer is: It is coming soon, but there is no hard date to change all users in CCS, just a soft timeline of starting the 23/24 school year. It would be beneficial for users to get started now, so they can become used to the New Look.

  1. Select the User Menu icon (the person icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen).

  2. Click the Try New Look toggle from OFF to ON (see image below).

Keep in mind that you can turn this feature off if you prefer to use the Classic Look of Infinite Campus at this time, but the recommendation is to turn it on now to familiarize yourself with the changes.

New Look Of Infinite Campus - Infinite Campus Dashboard (1)

Turn on the New Look

The New Look of Infinite Campus includes many improvements with the New Look. Below are listed some, BUT NOT ALL, of the improvements that have been made to Infinite Campus that may be of interest to Central Enrollment staff members.

To view the full list of improvements to Infinite Campus, visit Campus Community for instructions videos and more about the New Look! Some of the improvements that we will be looking at during this training are:

  • Simplified Navigation Structure

  • Responsive UI design

  • User-Created Menu

  • Intuitive Related Tools Toolbar.

  • Navigable breadcrumbs.

  • Student Information Card

Simplified Navigation Structure

Navigation is greatly simplified in the new look of Infinite Campus. Gone are the days of row after row of tabs, tools buried below multiple other tools in the Campus outline, and the frustration of not knowing where to look for a particular set of tools.

With the new Infinite Campus interface, all tools within a menu item (i.e., Instruction, Student Information, Behavior) are displayed on a single screen, organized by category. You can quickly and easily see all tools available and understand tool relationships based on their category.

The new Infinite Campus also remembers the last tool you selected, meaning navigating back to the last tool you were working in is as easy as hitting the back button on your browser. Infinite Campus will even retain the student you are currently working on.

New Look Of Infinite Campus - Infinite Campus Dashboard (2)

Responsive UI Design

The New Look of Infinite Campus is designed with a responsive UI. This means no matter the size of the screen or device, you will still have access to the same functionality and tooling. As the screen gets smaller, the banner shrinks along with it until it becomes a series of icons. For usability on smaller screens such as a phone, the Main Menu becomes a flat list of tools.

User-Created Menu

You can now mark tools as favorites and have these tools populate a separate menu. This allows for easy access to those tools which you find most important and use on a day-to-day basis.

Many tools throughout the New Look of Infinite Campus provide a Related Tools toolbar on the right-hand side of the screen. This toolbar functions much like how tabs worked in Classic Campus, allowing you to visually see what tools are related to each other and easily navigate to these tools to fill out related data.

Navigable Breadcrumbs

Navigable breadcrumbs are provided on the right-hand side of the screen when working within a tool. Clicking an item in the breadcrumb will send you to the category or menu item selected.

Student Information Card

Tools focused on a specific student now contain a useful information card which when selected, details important student information as well a summary of their enrollment record(s) in the active school year. This is especially useful for reviewing enrollment information without the need to navigate away from the tool you are currently working in.

You can now mark tools as favorites and have these tools populate a separate menu. This allows for easy access to those tools which you find most important and use on a day-to-day basis.

There is now a search option called ‘Tool’ in the Infinite Campus New Look. This is the easiest way to find all of the tools (screens) that you routinely use. For instance, a secretary may want to search for a student and view different information such as the student’s schedule, enrollment , or attendance information. Instead of attempting to find all of these tools, you can use the tool search and place them into your ‘Favorites’ menu.

Searching for a Tool in the New Look

  1. Click the Search icon.

  2. Change the search Type to Tool.

  3. Type in the name or a keyword for your tool search. (In this example, we used the search criteria ‘attendance wizard’).

  4. Click on the tool you are searching for in the results.

Once you have found the tool, you can add it to you Favorites menu. This makes all of your most commonly used tools easily located and accessible in one place. To place a tool into your Favorites menu, click the Star icon next to the tool name. The icon will be filled with a blue color. Once the icon has been selected, the tool will display in your Favorites menu.

New Look Of Infinite Campus - Infinite Campus Dashboard (3)

New Look Of Infinite Campus - Infinite Campus Dashboard (2024)
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