District Profile - Berkshire Local School District (2024)

The Berkshire Local Schools is embarking on a rigorous educational journey with our students to truly prepare them for their career. Dedicated to project-based learning, we’re helping students with real world career-preparedness opportunities which develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills in fields of their interest while remaining engaged in the community. We also focus on the 5 C’s of Berkshire’s graduate profile as a guide for those lessons, which are: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Civic Responsibility. As students grow in age, they continue to expand their knowledge and skills through these hands-on, real world learning activities.


This exciting new opportunity features Berkshire students partnered with Kent State University for a 1.5 year long program, second semester of junior year and full senior year, where participants complete coursework and earn Medical Assisting Certification as well as 30 semester hours of college credit. Such an opportunity leads to guaranteed employment at Cleveland Clinic or University Hospitals. Tuition reimbursem*nt is available, so that when actual college begins, students can continue their education toward a degree of choice with little to no out-of-pocket costs.


Berkshire high school students are enrolling in the comprehensive opportunities provided at Auburn Career Center in record numbers. For decades, Auburn Career Center is helping Berkshire students obtain workplace skills and career training for a rapidly changing economy. Courses offered include: Environmental Systems, Construction Technology, HVAC, Turf and Landscape Management, Computer Networking Technology and Cyber Security, Interactive Media, Allied Health Technology, Dental Assisting Technology, Criminal Justice, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Electrical Engineering, and so much more! Best of all, staff is fully accredited and certified.


Berkshire Badger Lab students have the opportunity to spend part of their school day in the classroom, and part in the field, learning hands on experiences for their respective interests. Some students identify paid positions, some for the experience of a lifetime. These students, who at times require the most care and attention, develop necessary skills to gain employment when they graduate. We thank our devoted community partners for their willingness to provide our Badger Lab students with these opportunities.


This hands on program is offered through the collaboration our schools have with the Auburn Career Center. Instructor and mentor, Jim Marsic, owns Countryside trucking in Montville Township, and has cultivated this widely popular program in which more than twenty Berkshire students are currently enrolled. Located in Berkshire’s former Board of Education facility, the program is already looking to expand with a second course offering entitled Diesel Mechanics II. Students receive the benefits of an expert in the field and real-world mechanics skills. Even more, students enrolled in the Intro to Diesel Mechanics opportunity take field trips to local automotive and trucking companies, offering instant exposure to employment opportunities upon their graduation.



In the near-term, Berkshire School officials are working closely with Auburn Career Center in developing Certified Production Technician experiences in early high school. Such a program will give students the opportunity to gain understanding of the manufacturing field and can lead to the Auburn Manufacturing Program. Potential possibilities include internships opportunities with local major manufacturers, partnering with Geauga Growth Partnership, and micro-credentialing through KSU for mechanical and electrical engineering.


Recognizing the importance of agribusiness in the region, Berkshire School officials are working on partnerships through KSU and GGP that will integrate our students into the agribusiness sector of our local economy to train the industry’s next generation. For Information Technology, courses are already being offered at Berkshire Middle School and hands-on opportunities at the High School, to prepare our students for break/fix integration work. Once again, partnering with KSU, Berkshire students will look forward to College Credit Plus and micro-credentialing for these related fields.


A high school course selection for next year, Berkshire students will be partnering with Geauga Growth Partnership and Ohio Means Jobs in this endeavor. Students will split time in school and in their field of interest. While in the classroom, learning skills will include: Resume building, interviewing, working in cooperative teams, and building the soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace. While in the field, students will obtain real-world experience in a field-of-interest, observe, and participate in workplace activities, and create the potential to network and make connections leading to employment.

District Profile - Berkshire Local School District (2024)
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