Caltrans Cost Data (2024)

1. California Department Of Transportation: Contract Cost Data

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  • Contract Cost Data

2. Contract Cost Data Results - Caltrans District 8


  • Contract Cost Data

3. Contract Cost Data Help - Caltrans District 8 -

4. California Department Of Transportation: Item Code Search

  • Standard contract items and descriptions for Caltrans projects. State-furnished materials and expenses, as well as supplemental work items and descriptions. The ...

  • Contract Cost Data Item Code Search

5. Contract Cost Data Search Tips - Caltrans District 8

  • Search Tips. Once you have become familiar with how to perform searches on the Contract Cost Data web site (see help files), it is important to understand ...

  • Contract Cost Data

6. Caltrans cost data: Fill out & sign online - DocHub

7. [PDF] Cost Estimating Guide - Alameda County Transportation Commission

  • Note: Caltrans has a defined Project Study Report Cost Estimate format. This Guide is consistent with that format, although it has been expanded to include Risk ...

8. Preconstruction Support Cost Hours Estimating on Caltrans Pavement ...

  • This report presents the results of a study of preconstruction cost estimating for pavement rehabilitation projects undertaken by Caltrans. It uses data on the ...

  • Links with this icon indicate that you are leaving a Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)/National Transportation Library (NTL) Web-based service.

9. Contract Cost Data Resources - Caltrans District 8 -

  • The cost indexes is based on quarterly data of bids opened in that quarter (but not necessarily awarded). Standard items tracked in this index include Roadway ...

  • Contract Cost Data Resources

10. [PDF] Appendix E: Corridor Design Cost Estimates - City of San Pablo

  • 28 feb 2022 · Unit prices based on Caltrans Contract Cost Database, District 4 2019‐2021 costs and City of Oakland bid results for various projects post ...

11. [PDF] Development of a Statistical Model to Predict Materials' Unit Prices for ...

  • The primary pavement material items' unit prices in the past 20 years (1999–2018), collected from the Caltrans Construction Contract Cost database, were ...

12. TIMS - Transportation Injury Mapping System

  • ... data and its breakdown by countermeasure and other costs for Caltrans' HSIP applications. The Total Project Cost value is taken from section 3 of your HSIP ...

  • TIMS - Transportation Injury Mapping System


  • The Construction Cost Estimate will be prepared using the latest available CALTRANS cost ... data, COUNTY cost data and actual recent construction costs in the ...

14. [PDF] Cost Estimating Guide - Alameda County Transportation Commission

  • The Caltrans Contract Cost Database is a summary of cost (by item) for highway construction projects. Prices shown in this summary are the mathematically ...

15. [PDF] Research and state DOT practices on construction cost indices - ROSA P

  • Most state highway agencies. (SHAs) followed the techniques used by the FHWA in calculating cost indexes but incorporated their own historical data to improve ...

Caltrans Cost Data (2024)
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