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Bus stations and stops in Annecy

Please note: your ticket will contain the most up-to-date address information.

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Annecy - Geneva: Quick information

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20 miles

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Frequently asked questions

There are 10 rides daily from Annecy to Geneva. The fastest bus on this connection has 1 stop(s).
The bus route from Annecy to Geneva covers 27 miles. FlixBus can bring you from Annecy to Geneva in 50 minutes.
The quickest bus trip from Annecy to Geneva takes 50 minutes.
You can get from Annecy to Geneva for as little as $6.99. On average, tickets for this connection cost $8.99.
You can track your bus location on our Real-Time Bus Tracker. Just select the relevant bus stop and check the time of arrival. Find out where your bus is and check if there are delays on the route.
You can buy your bus ticket from Annecy to Geneva choosing your preferred payment method among card, Paypal, Google Pay, and more!

Buses from Annecy to Geneva

Find the cheapest buses from Annecy to Geneva

It couldn't be easier to book your travel from Annecy to Geneva with FlixBus - and when you book in advance, you can save money too!
FlixBus operates in 38 countries connecting 5000 destinations. So no matter where you want to go, we can take you there!
Ticket prices cost as little as $6.99, with an average price of $8.99. To get the cheapest tickets, book online in advance and avoid busy times like weekends and public holidays.
The distance between Annecy and Geneva is 27 miles, which takes as little as 50 minutes with our fastest rides.

Make your journey even easier with the FlixBus app. All your information will be saved for the next time you travel.

Traveling from Annecy to Geneva

No matter whether you want to travel first thing in the morning or late at night, you'll find a journey to suit you with 10 ridesbetween Annecy and Geneva.The first bus is at 8:00 am with the last bus leaving at 11:15 pm. The rides from Annecy to Geneva take a minimum of 50 minutes; what's more, when you travel by bus, you don't need to worry about traffic or delays en route. Just relax and enjoy the journey with free WiFi and plenty of legroom.
You can pick up a bus ticket for just $6.99 - that's way cheaper than traveling by any other method.
Buses are also a great choice for environmentally-conscious travelers. We're working towards being 100% carbon neutral and offer all travelers the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions when booking their tickets. Simply select the "CO2 compensation" box when paying online and we'll use all of the money to make a direct impact on the future of sustainable mobility.

Taking the bus from Annecy

Ready for your journey from Annecy? Annecy is a transport hub with 2 stations and it is seriously well connected with buses to 71 destinations across the country.
No matter where you're traveling from, you can find plenty of information on our website or by contacting FlixBus directly for travel information. We'll do our best to make sure you're well-equipped for your journey, so you can experience everything the trip has to offer.

Arriving in Geneva

Start planning your trip to Geneva now. Never visited before? Here's all you need to know.
Geneva is one of the best-connected cities, so you're not short on choices of how to get here. 1 is the number of bus stations FlixBus has in Geneva, connecting 120 cities.
Never miss a beat as you sample the sights and culture synonymous with this famous city. Now is the time to hop aboard FlixBus and explore!

What to expect onboard the FlixBus bus from Annecy to Geneva

Traveling from Annecy to Geneva is quick, clean and comfortable - and it couldn't be easier to book a ticket. You can book online via the website, on our app, in person at a FlixShop or using Google Assistant.
We accept card payment as well as Paypal, Google Pay and Apple Pay, but there are many more payment options that you can choose from. The easiest way to book your ticket is using our app. You'll be able to make your reservation within seconds and there's no need to print and carry the ticket with you, as your phone will be your ticket.

Want to sit beside family or friends or keep the space beside you free? Need easy access to the toilet or a table to get on with some work whilst traveling? You can reserve a seat when you book on the app or website, and you can choose from a variety of seat options including a table seat, panorama seat or extra seat.Once you're settled in your seat, you can sit back and relax with plenty of onboard services to help you make the most of your trip. Most of our buses have onboard Wifi and an entertainment system so you can catch up on your favorite shows or listen to audiobooks. We've also got toilets onboard, as well as power outlets.
What's more, you get a generous luggage allowance when you travel with FlixBus with one carry-on bag and one checked bag, so you can bring everything you need for your trip.

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Bus from Annecy to Geneva (2024)
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