A Tribute to Mr. Food (2024)

A Tribute to Mr. Food (1)

gg 4719303

Jan 13, 2015

Ok, that video got me. '-) I sure do miss him, however am glad that you guys have kept his memory, traditions, food and...OOH, IT'S SO GOOD!! going and alive! Thank you!


Jan 12, 2014

I thought that was a beautiful tribute and I am so thankful for all of you carrying on his legacy. We loved his recipes and miss him also!

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tea22055 8230893

Dec 13, 2013

We miss Mr. Food ! What a great man. My family and I are grateful that Howard & the crew have carried on. I still watch the segments every day before leaving for work, So many wonderful recipes and ideas!!! Whatever food is served in Heaven must taste better now, with Art there to guide the cooks!!

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barbm20079 4388273

Dec 09, 2013

We just found out Art passed away last year....He gave me so much confidence in the kitchen! My husband bought me 3 of his cookbooks, I have always treasured them and will treasure them even more....Art gave us so much.....Thank you Art and we know all the residents of Heaven are eating well....Oh its so good! RIP and God bless.Barb Mundie

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Dec 03, 2013

What a beautiful tribute to Mr. Food!!! I loved it & it brought tears to my eyes! We all felt like he was a member of our family too!!!

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janatwildcowmtn 41 57067

Nov 29, 2013

I miss him dearly. Watched his segment every day on the noon news. Dearly miss his "Ohhh, it's so good"!!!!!! Have enjoyed many of his recipes and still collecting them from the Newsletter. Very nice tribute. R I P!!!!

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Nov 29, 2013

that was good----brought tears to my eyes----thanks

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Nov 27, 2013

It is interesting how I can cry over a video of someone I never met. Art introduced me to recipes on the internet and created my favorite food site. I am so proud that his legacy continues on. His gift to us has become our gift to others. Bless you Art. May you find peace in your spirit. You are still "Oh so good!"

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jtbdonahey 3392518

Nov 26, 2013

I retired a year ago and watched all his segments during our noon news. For some reason, they no longer air Mr. Food and don't know why? This legacy was long overdue but done very nice. I have made so many of the recipes! And my family enjoys them! Thank you.

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kittkatt1969 10795 22

Nov 25, 2013

What a legacy he has left... He is missed and loved by so many.. His family and friends are a tribute for how he lived his life... God has blessed all of us with his love and talent... Gods blessings on his family... Kathy S.

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lshoemaker1961 481 0734

Nov 24, 2013

i loved watching his show.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (11)


Nov 24, 2013

I'm originally from Chicago and would love to hear him on the news with his food segment. Learned many recipes from him and would love to hear him "Ohhhhh, it's so good"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still love to see all the recipes from his emails and still learning new recipes and "tweeking" some to fit our tastes. He was a wonderful and generous person. He is truly missed by all. RIP and give them "heck" up there. Carol

A Tribute to Mr. Food (12)

moranlou6 7331377

Nov 24, 2013

As Mr. Food will live in my heart and his wonderful receipes I hope he still sends us some Angel Food Cakes receipe from Heaven...God bless his beautiful Family and friends forever. Thanks for the memories.....Louise Moran...New Jersey

A Tribute to Mr. Food (13)

bettyjsxtn 0760822

Nov 23, 2013


A Tribute to Mr. Food (14)

dirtyjerseysfinest 3755705

Nov 23, 2013

that was beautiful he really is missed I am ever so grateful that my children also had the honor of watching mr foods he is truly missed thank-you art for lighting up my life everyday and for learing how to cook such good food ty a huge fan betsy

A Tribute to Mr. Food (15)

bettycummings39 10 73686

Nov 22, 2013

Thank you for allowing others to express our appreciation for Mr. Food. Art. A most suitable name for one who discovered, mastered, and shared the better things in life such as cooking, theater, quality family and career life --- no respecter of persons but so obviously enjoying each precious moment he breathed that his personality was contagious and everyone looked forward to his presence. My entire family knows Mr. Food as a dear friend. I have a special file on my cook book shelves for his recipes that continues to grow thanks to his staff. His spirit lives on. __BOC

A Tribute to Mr. Food (16)

sallyd41 3687151

Nov 22, 2013

A very nice tribute to a great person. Always love his recipes. Always looked forward to watching him on television. Sure do miss his smiling face.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (17)

grandy60 1002220

Nov 22, 2013

I think it was really nice to remember someone so generous and talented. Some of us leave this earth too soon, but the Lord had other plans for him. Beautiful tribute. He is truly missed. Dee

A Tribute to Mr. Food (18)

trouty44 7928597

Nov 22, 2013

A beautiful tribute to a great man.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (19)

ddrewry2 9320094

Nov 22, 2013

I still miss "Mr. Food", too, on TV and listening to him describe his recipes and how to make them. He was very inspiring and I have taken on and used a lot of his ideas and shortcuts in cooking. He was the greatest and I still enjoy the Test Kitchen and love getting my email letters from you guys! Great job all around! And may Art R.I.P.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (20)

strat03 5622468

Nov 22, 2013

Thank you for such a nice tribute!! Love your recipes and Mr Food!! Susan Creger, Thornton, Colorado

A Tribute to Mr. Food (21)

spencerspearl 5872 769

Nov 22, 2013

Thank you for the wonderful Tribute to Mr. Food. I didn't know how remarkable he was, but I love his Recipes. Deeply touched,Mary

A Tribute to Mr. Food (22)


Nov 22, 2013

I had not known of Mr. Food's passing so read this with interst and pinned i on a board. The only thing I might say is that you might attach the picture of him, instead of the blue block. Food boards also are so visual that using the blue square logo is not enticing.Jay

A Tribute to Mr. Food (23)

estertwo 4016484

Nov 22, 2013

I have watched Mr. Food every place I've lived., since 1976; Lenox, MA, Syracuse, NY and Johnstown, PA..I miss him, but Howard does a good job , too..I love your recipes!!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (24)

S48tal 8171427

Nov 22, 2013

What a great guy 'Mr. Food' (Art) was! Brought a smile to a lot of faces and was a great encouragement for me in the kitchen. He made everything easier and brought back my love for cooking and baking again. When I view some of the cooking videos on this site and he shows up on a lot of them, ........ its great to still hear and watch him, and last but not least to hear; "OOH, IT'S SO GOOD!!" Thanks for sharing this 'video' of "ART"!!! Sincerely, Sherry 'little ole' Ohio cook'

A Tribute to Mr. Food (25)


Nov 21, 2013

I miss Mr. Food on my daily news channel. No matter what I was doing, I would always make sure I saw his time on the air. I loved listening to him with all his exciting recipes and shortcuts to making his recipes. I even started my own recipe books with all his recipes, one for main foods and one for desserts. And guess what I named them - ooh, it's so good!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (26)


Nov 21, 2013

Its hard to believe it has been a year since we lost our sweet Art. Thank you all, for keeping his legacy going, he would be proud! He has been my favorite guy ever since I can remember and started cooking, except for my Husband. God Bless and prays to his family.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (27)


Nov 21, 2013

Its hard to believe it has been a year since we lost our sweet Art. Thank you all, for keeping his legacy going, he would be proud! He has been my favorite guy ever since I can remember and started cooking, except for my Husband. God Bless and prays to his family.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (28)

pamal135 7982391

Nov 21, 2013

When I lived in Chicago I would watch him everyday and made some of his recipes and I have one of his cookbooks. I have tried many of his tips. Thanks Mr. Food for the memories.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (29)

pattypcake 4005290

Nov 21, 2013

It's amazing how I can miss someone I never met, but I really miss Mr. Food. He made you feel as though you could do anything in the kitchen. As far as I am concerned he was the original celebrity chef.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (30)

cvanguilder 364226 0

Nov 21, 2013

I remember how sad I was when Art passed away last year so close to the holiday season which was a favorite time of his. I remember watching him on TV with his wonderful recipes on WRGB, Channel 6 in Schenectady NY, where he got his start in "show biz"! I continued to watch over the years; his syndicated shows continue to appear daily on Channel 6. I love his recipes, have an autographed cookbook from him, and also an autographed one from Howard. I will always love Mr. Food; miss him, and think of him every time I try another one of his delicious, simple, and creative recipes! RIP Art; God Speed, and many thanks to Howard for carrying on the tradition of, "OOH It's So Good" !!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (31)

addiemiranda425 47 06339

Nov 21, 2013

that was beautiful - brings tears to my eyes. addie

mlpattynan63 30712 68

Nov 21, 2013

When I was working for a tv station several years ago, I was the one who sent out all the requests for Mr. Food recipe requests. People loved being able to get his recipes to add to thier own files. It became a lot of work. He once sent me a cook book he signed and a picture for all my work. I enjoyed sharing the recipes and making my own file. He is really missed with his lust for life and making people healthy and food fun.Patricia McCue Tynan. 2013

A Tribute to Mr. Food (32)

Bobkatardoline 018 9705

Nov 21, 2013

Loved how simple he made the recipes seem. You just felt you could do it perfectly because he showed you how. His enthusiasm was contageous.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (33)

paulmprice 4685485

Nov 21, 2013

Art Ginsburg was a friend and mentor. My testimony is on the back cover of his 2nd diabetic cookbook.By using his cookbooks faithfully and following my healthcare professionals, my 12 years as a diabetic have been full of successes. My blood sugar in 2001 was 612, now my 1ac runs 6.0 to 6.4.Thank you Mr Food, you are loved and missed.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (34)

jzent2004 1657377

Nov 21, 2013

I am sorry to hear of Mr. Food's passing, I knew something must have happened due to Howard seeming to take over. We will miss him daily, but he started something great...

A Tribute to Mr. Food (35)

cindyz8081 4088207

Nov 21, 2013

I have every cookbook Mr. Food has ever put out because each recipe is made with love by him. I never missed an appearance on my local channel WHEC 13 in Rochester NY for a new recipe or a show on QVC. I sure do miss him because "OOH HE IS SO GOOD". He is a part of my mealtime ritual and always will be. Thanks you Art and family.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (36)

padewitt 7165365

Nov 21, 2013

It made me cry a little seeing all that he did, what a human being and how he spread Gods love. Isn't that why we are here? He is quite a wonderful man and I am sure he is resting and doing more good deeds where he is. Spread the Love that is what this World needs!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (37)

always a us vetere n

Nov 21, 2013

To all of those wonderful people in the test kitchen , I want you to know that I will always hear OOOH ITS SO GOOD ! I sit at my table and enjoy food , Mr. Food made it ok to cook and be a bit free with your ideas . Please continue this great tradition and untill we can all sit at Arts table and once again hear him exclaim OOOH ITS SO GOOD , may God keep and watch over you all .

A Tribute to Mr. Food (38)

designsbyb 9120182

Nov 21, 2013

Thank you sooo much for making this video. It is very touching. I enjoy cooking, but I don't have much time, so it is wonderful to find recipes that are fast and good. Thank You Mr.Food for making this possible

A Tribute to Mr. Food (39)

dpmosher 4977991

Nov 21, 2013

I watch the news every night waiting for the Mr. Food segment. Even if the news is terrible his "Ooh, it's so good" always brought a smile. I am so pleased that Howard and the test kitchen personnel are continuing his legacy. Keep up the good work!Donna Mosher

msmith9585 0529571

Nov 21, 2013

I wasn't aware of Mr. Food (Art) passing either - the recipes that I enjoy receiving every day kinda' make you smack your lips as I read - and they are "down home" comfort food that's easy. I've saved so many of the recipes on my computer that I'm getting warnings about running out of room and that's not counting the paper and ink I've used up printing favorites. Thank you Mr. Food and to the Mr. Food Team - y'all do a super job and it is appreciated that you carry on his ideals. I'm 81 and live behind family but do a lot of cooking for the four of us....thanks for keeping all the recipes so simple.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (40)

Cmeagan 5084220

Nov 21, 2013

This is a beautiful tribute to Mr. Food. He seems to have had love and compassion for everyone which is the best legacy to leave for the rest of us.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (41)


Nov 21, 2013

WOW...we didn't know of his passing...but he will still always be with us, inspiring us to try new recipes, and guiding our hands as we cook and bake. Bless him for he enriched so many lives...and tummies...Our sympathy to his immediate family...and all Mr. Food cooks around the world...OOOOHHH...He was SOOO Good...!!!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (42)

italianmom225 1763 247

Nov 21, 2013

He is the best when compared to all the Food Network Hosts. His books and recipes are easy to read and follow and always come out great even when I am improvising as he always said I could. He made me a better cook and also made me a better parent and wife. Thank you Mr. Food for all you have done and your company continues to do. Thank you for making this video. It was very sweet and kind and he would have loved it very much.

mammaws99 4820317

Nov 21, 2013

I am sorry to say I did not know till just now of Mr. Food's passing. I am so very sorry, he will be so missed. I read his recipes every day and have made many of them. I'm 88 , live in a retirerment home but cook and share with my friends. They all look forward to Mr. Food recipies. Thank you for such a moving tribute.Evelynmammaws99@gmail.com

A Tribute to Mr. Food (43)

merglerr 2230753

Nov 21, 2013

Art was a unique character who taught me to ENJOY cooking and trying new recipe tastes. The cuisine landscape has lost one of its mountains. Thank you, family, for celebrating his life in the video and know that he changed many of us for the better in the kitchen.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (44)

grammy 5550207

Nov 21, 2013

How awesome to share the life and legacy of such a warm, caring individual...he touched many lives with his passion for everyday cooking...I can't even tell you how many of his "ooh so good" recipes have been on my table.May God bless and keep his family...memories comfort and sustain us...

A Tribute to Mr. Food (45)

dlallbright46 5208 222

Nov 21, 2013


A Tribute to Mr. Food (46)


Nov 21, 2013

Thanks for sharing the tribute to Mr. Food. I can see why you all miss him a bunch.Karen

A Tribute to Mr. Food (47)

griffithwolfe3085 5761676

Nov 21, 2013

Thank you for such a caring video of Mr. Food! I too miss seeing him when he was on our local news at noon. He always made his recipes look so easy to make and looked delicious! Most of all I miss his OOO It's so Good along with his great smile! My sincerely sympathy to family and friends

A Tribute to Mr. Food (48)


Nov 21, 2013

My first encounter with Mr. Food was a Holiday Cookbook booklet that I bought on impulse at King Kullen. I used that book on all the holidays for years and the recipes were fantastic! Thank you for the wonderful memorial video about Art. I was very moved by it. What a wonderful, loving, joyous man!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (49)

lgreen41 7888442

Nov 21, 2013

What a wonderful tribute to a fantastic personality. Thank you for sharing your memories with all of us who loved him, but never met him.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (50)

redclay43 7397947

Nov 21, 2013

My condolences to the family of MR FOOD. He will sadly be missed.I remember him in Massachusetts when the wife and I used to live there. We used to watch him whenever we could. Rest In Peace You will be missed

A Tribute to Mr. Food (51)

duk774 9079805

Nov 21, 2013

Yeh, we miss him too. Enjoyed watching him on the news at noon.Howard? You keep up the good work. Art would be very proud of you. We enjoy watching you as well.Bill

A Tribute to Mr. Food (52)

deanaburton1953 89 03983

Nov 21, 2013

I remember watching Mr. Food on the noon program on KTVB channel 7 here in Boise,Id he truly was a great cook,chef and enjoyed what he was doing and i love making some of his many recipes, GOD BLESS YOU

A Tribute to Mr. Food (53)

deb 8252058

Nov 21, 2013

He is surely missed, I loved watching him on TV with his wonderful personality. He left a wonderful legacy.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (54)

catherinethegreat2 4010737

Nov 21, 2013

I remember coming to CA in 1980 and seeing him on TV and couldn't wait for his next appearance and oh so good recipes. Thanks for keeping on giving to us your audience. Cathy

A Tribute to Mr. Food (55)

catgranma 5481822

Nov 21, 2013

I miss your program and your smile. Thanks for all the good years Mr. Food -- oh so good.catgranma

A Tribute to Mr. Food (56)

Member 2375235

Nov 21, 2013

what a wounderful tribute, brought tears 2 my eyes, he will be missed by all. thank you for keeping up his great work. luv all of the great recipes & ideas.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (57)


Nov 21, 2013

Beautiful tribute to a seemingly wonderful man! My dad (who loved to cook, also) had several of his cook books. Easy, simple yet delicious recipes!! Keep his legacy alive with the continued good work you are carrying out in his name. Thank you.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (58)

lbr777 4042121

Nov 21, 2013

This was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful man.Thanks for sharing.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (59)

lmboski 8213072

Nov 21, 2013

It was great to see that the personality that came through in his short segment on our TV station was REAL! From the comments of all those who worked with him, we could see that he was who he seemed to be, and we only wish we would have "known" him longer than we did. He was the main reason we turned on the TV at Noon!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (60)

dsanchez19 2374470

Nov 21, 2013

I was saddened when I heard about Mr. Food's passing, It felt as if I had lost one of my own family members. I continue and will continue to gather as many wonderful Mr. Food recipes, they have always been some of my favorite recipes to try.My the memory of this wonderful man remain with us always

A Tribute to Mr. Food (61)


Nov 21, 2013

Thank you for sharing the wonderful tribute to our Mr. Food, ooh it's so good! I still can't believe that he is gone. What a wonderful man with such a talent for making people happy and for sharing his love of food with anyone whose life he touched. I am so thankful that all of the Mr. Food family is carrying on his legacy. Keep up the good work. Mr. Food I miss you and I will never forget you. You enriched my life!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (62)


Nov 21, 2013

Beautiful tribute! We will all miss him. Thanks for great recipes.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (63)

mcjaeger68 7834255

Nov 21, 2013

That was a wonderful tribute! I have never seen Mr. Food on T.V., but I have watched his videos online and they were always entertaining and informative.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (64)

jkeymer 2974665

Nov 21, 2013

I always loved to hear him on TV saying It's soooooo good!!!I made my first batch of buckeyes from his recipe..It is a favorite in my family that I make every year!!!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (65)

sweetcbt 5857184

Nov 21, 2013

Thank you so much for carrying on Mr. Food's kitchen. Without doubt it is the best place to go for no-nonsense wonderful food. (Never had a bad recipe, yet!) Yes, "OOH ITS SO GOOD"

A Tribute to Mr. Food (66)

bfrost 3743702

Nov 21, 2013

Beautiful tribute. Love and use his recipes. Miss him on TV.

tazapplewood 78773 90

Nov 21, 2013

Always watched Mr. Food during the news. Love the recipes. Oooh there sooooo good..

A Tribute to Mr. Food (67)

jdenn 9739242

Nov 21, 2013

I have all of Mr. Food's early cookbooks, and I have found that I use more of his recipes than from any other source. I would put Art's cooking right up there with Julia's, only more practical. I miss him very much, but I am so grateful that the staff has kept his memory alive and his recipes up-to-date. Thanks, Mr. Food's family. jld

A Tribute to Mr. Food (68)

lmh52bjh 0728022

Nov 21, 2013

I love the receipes he had and I made up a cook book of the ones I liked. always watched his program. Thanks Mr Food for awesome food

A Tribute to Mr. Food (69)

jaj 3157012

Nov 21, 2013

I rarely missed Mr. Food after our local news. You have NO idea how many recipes that I have tried, used, and kept. He was an entertaining cook. I miss him. Really! How can one miss a person that they didn't even know?Bet the angels are getting angel food cake in heaven!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (70)


Nov 21, 2013

I remember seeing Mr. Food years ago on Noon Network news. I was in the Navy then, and didn't miss a program. I loved it then and was very sad when he passed on. Fortunately, his very able crew have passed on the legacy so that we can continue to enjoy wonderful food. Thanks so much.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (71)

dorothydvoda 12178 14

Nov 21, 2013

oh its so good

A Tribute to Mr. Food (72)

bigdog6467 7939838

Nov 21, 2013

I always enjoyed seeing "Mr. Food"! These recipes are ones that real people eat--I use them often!!! His smile and the "ooh, it's so good" is missed!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (73)

audrick 7824905

Nov 21, 2013

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful man.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (74)

RMC1962 5593612

Nov 21, 2013

I used to watch him on our local news and always loved how he gave the wonderful recipes that were so easy to make . Although I still miss him , I am still getting the recipes on the website "Oh , Its soo good ". I know he wanted us to keep in touch.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (75)

blingiton1149 5682 258

Nov 21, 2013

I always loved to get the recipes he made. I have always loved to watch the videos on his site cause some of us cooks just need a little extra, and the videos are just an awesome aid. Thanks Mr. Food (Art) for putting those smiles on my dinner table when my family ate those delicious recipes you helped me make.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (76)

Member 0202548

Nov 21, 2013

When I first saw Mr. Food I thought the segment was annoying. Guess what - I found myself looking forward to Art on the noon news and have been an email subscriber for years now. I have also forwarded emails to my entire address book and most of them now suscribe too!! What a dear man he was - wish I could have met him. Reading his employees comments makes me wish I could have worked for him even more!!! Thanks so much!!!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (77)

mol818 3929245

Nov 21, 2013

What a lovely tribute. It made me cry. He was truly a wonderful man and I can't believe it has been a year already since he passed. Whenever I make food for family or friends that I receive the most compliments on, more often than not, it is a Mr. Food recipe. So thank you for that. Howard, although I miss seeing Mr. Food so much, I have come to look foward to your segments each day. You are doing a fabulous job in his place. I'm sure Art is very proud of you.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (78)

gmomyer 5392395

Nov 21, 2013

OOH ITS SO GOOD !!!!!!!!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (79)


Nov 21, 2013

I have always enjoyed listening to him make his recipes on TV, then I got right into getting them in my email. He will always be remembered and his food will live on as will his memory! God's Blessings to all his family and friends. He is missed by many many people.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (80)

Member 9061425

Nov 21, 2013

He's teaching Peter, Paul and all the saints to say OOH IT'S so Goodnonno donato

A Tribute to Mr. Food (81)

bbw44c57 4498398

Nov 21, 2013

Very nice, I'm wiping tears away!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (82)


Nov 21, 2013

I was a fan of Art's from the beginning!! His smile made me laugh, his food made us gain weight and we loved every minute of it! I lit a yawrzeit candle for him today.. and know he is still thinking "Oh we are so good...."Lin and Pat Fields in Watertown NY

A Tribute to Mr. Food (83)

crewser61 2591432

Nov 21, 2013

I think this was a Wonderful Tribute to "Mr. Food"!! I grew up watching him, and then my kids watching him!! I miss his recipes on the noon news everyday, and hearing his familiar, happy voice!! I'm so glad you guys have kept the website going....And I'm sure he is, TOO!!! Thank You All!!!


Nov 21, 2013

What can you say about someone you watched thru the years? He was very special and some of my best dishes were because of him. You did a wonderful job with this tribute and I say thank you for keeping Art's legacy going. I still use the recipes all the time, new ones and the very special old ones. Glad to see the "Art's Favorites" in today's e-mail. Again thank you and keep up the good work because "Oh, its soooooooooo good."

A Tribute to Mr. Food (84)

alvajbush58 313365 7

Nov 21, 2013

My mom used to call me every day and ask, "Did you see that recipe Mr Food made today? I want that recipe!" I went online and would print off that recipe and when I printed up our family recipe book for her for Christmas, her cook book had a special section, My Favorite Mr Food Recipes. She loved it. Keep in mind, she had had a stroke and lost the use of her right arm and hand and could no longer cook but it meant the world to her. And when he passed she cried like he was one of the family. We all love Mr Food. And thank you Howard for keeping his memory and the recipes alive!

LHenry40109 372644 9

Nov 21, 2013

Mr Food's cookbooks were like our bible in the kitchen...there our so many things that will be missed by this sweet man and he will be remembered through out a lot of households. Everyday you pick up one of his cookbooks you open the cover and you will be able to hear him say "OOH ITS SO GOOD!!". Thank you to his family and friends for caring on his legacy. RIP Art...you will be missed by all..

A Tribute to Mr. Food (85)


Nov 21, 2013

So what can you say about someone who loved food so much, that he brought that love to the masses! His passion, and dedication to the art has been missed. As a singer myself I know what it's like to burst out singing while your creating something so delicious as one of his recipes. You are missed my friend, but your legacy goes on!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (86)

Tmcaseyusa 3820459

Nov 21, 2013

I remember Art from way back and could relate with his love of food and people. I miss his smile and voice. A wonderful tribute for a wonderful man!!!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (87)

ceeonekit531 13698 28

Nov 21, 2013

When I was recovering from my illness, I use to watch Mr Food and said I could make those when I get get better. He was always so cheerful. I do miss him and his easy going spirit.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (88)

RTownMama03 024499 2

Nov 21, 2013

RIP MR. FOOD We miss your cooking.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (89)

RTownMama03 024499 2

Nov 21, 2013

I just had to watch your tribute. I am from Troy,NY where Art grew up. I always enjoyed watching his cooking segment on WRGB everyday. RIP MR. FOOD.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (90)

RTownMama03 024499 2

Nov 21, 2013

RIP MR.FOOD. We all miss your cooking up here in Troy,NY.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (91)

lovelyeyesme44yez 3342879

Nov 21, 2013

I have used so many of Mr. Food's mouth watering dishes that is so hard to not be able to see him doing his thing in the kitchen. I will always remember him saying, "OOH ITS SOOO GOOD" as I make another one of his dishes. He is surely missed.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (92)


Nov 21, 2013

Mr. Food was one of a kind and he would want the show to go on. We all loved him and keeping the show ongoing is a special tribute to him and all of his fans.

bendlaw3978 424757 3

Nov 21, 2013

Many thanks for the tribute. On the one year anniversary of Art's death, my grandson and his wife gave birth to their second son, named Kohen. So this is a joyous day to celebrate the gift of life. I miss all that personality that I knew as MR. FOOD.

bigphyl 5671508

Nov 21, 2013

I always looked forward to the "Mr. Food" episodes and enjoyed his many great recipes. You are missed by so many Art Ginsburg!!! God bless you.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (93)

cww22726 2681219

Nov 21, 2013

Thank you for a great tribute. Like with other people, it brought tears to my eyes. He is greatly missed

A Tribute to Mr. Food (94)


Nov 21, 2013

We sure do miss you Mr. Food! We would stop whatever we were doing in time to watch your segment and see what kind of yummies you were fixing that day. Your smile and special way of making cooking feel like a world travel event was so special about you. We love and miss you dearly Mr. Food! I know you are smiling from up above as you watch your show go on and are thinking "Oh it's SOOO good!"

A Tribute to Mr. Food (95)

bertie88lol06 0166 233

Nov 21, 2013

I wanted to thank you for sharing this tribute video. It brought tears to my eyes. I's sure his spirit of love and zest for life will be with you always. He will surely be missed.

motherofsix54166 8 459470

Nov 21, 2013

"OOH SO VERY GOOD"enjoyed all

A Tribute to Mr. Food (96)

bertie88lol06 0166 233

Nov 21, 2013

This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for not only sharing this dedication to Art but also selecting me as one of your winners. I am still working on my food truck I bought with my Crab 'Idaho Potato' Cake. You have helped me get a start on my dreams. I am forever grateful!

A Tribute to Mr. Food (97)

mkwalter777 140213 7

Nov 21, 2013

Thank you for the tribute to Mr. Food. You can tell that he was loved by his staff & co-workers. I always enjoyed watching him on TV & have enjoyed his recipes. God Bless You & his family.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (98)


Nov 21, 2013

Great guy and greatly missed.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (99)

sunchick 6843938

Nov 21, 2013

What an incredible man, what an incredible legacy. Your tribute brought tears to my eyes and gave me wonderful goosebumps. The world needs more "Mr Food" persons in it. God Bless him and God be with his wonderful family, at home and in the studio.jeanne/Newalla,OK

A Tribute to Mr. Food (100)

triciajean 7707545

Nov 21, 2013

Thank you Mr. Food/ Art for all of those great recipes and that unique entertainment that you presented us with on your smart cooking segments! They are priceless!! May God bless you and keep you.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (101)

ags317 3679197

Nov 21, 2013

I felt like I lost a dear friend when Art passed on even though Inever met him. I use his wonderful recipes all the time and alsoown many of his cookbooks. He is so missed!!!!!!Rest in peace you wonderful man.AS in Delray Beach, FL

A Tribute to Mr. Food (102)

newyork716 Steve

Nov 21, 2013

There is not a day that does not go by that I do not remember our talks, our laughs, our tears...he was an incredible man who I was fortunate to know and learn from. He was loving, He was genuine, He was real...he truly was....sooo good!! Steve PodosekBuffalo, New York

A Tribute to Mr. Food (103)

wpcpups 8384081

Nov 21, 2013

Art, may the Good Lord always rest your vibrant soul in eternal peace and give your loved ones the will to bear the heavy loss through prayers, support and sweet, sweet memories. May your legacy be carried on for eternity.It'll feel "OOH SO VERY GOOD"!!!!!! Amen.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (104)

captreg 9032754

Nov 21, 2013

Mr. Food, Art, made me feel as if we knew each other for years. I was truly crushed when I heard of him passing. Howard, you're doing a wonderful job and I've always enjoyed you as well, but his shoes were too big for you or anyone else to fill. My heart goes out to you and the staff. I can't imagine the loss you all feel. God bless and RIP Art. You're always in my heart. Beautiful and loving tribute btw.Reg Strong of MA

A Tribute to Mr. Food (105)

Member 7958340

Nov 21, 2013

His segments on WEAU were always an experience. I love to cook and I have used many of his recipes. Thanks for the tribuute.

A Tribute to Mr. Food (106)

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A Tribute to Mr. Food (2024)


Is Mr. Food still living? ›

Art Ginsburg (July 29, 1931 – November 21, 2012), commonly known as Mr. Food, was an American television chef and best selling author of cookbooks (not to be confused with the comedy character Mr Food on BBC Radio's Steve Wright In The Afternoon).

Where is Mr. Food Test Kitchen filmed? ›

Central New Yorkers behind the "Mr. Food Test Kitchen" TV show, filmed in Fort Lauderdale and airing nationally. They are director Dave Tinsch, originally from Syracuse; recipe developer Patty Rosenthal, originally from Westvale; and host Howard Rosenthal, originally from DeWitt.

Is Mr. Food still on TV? ›

Airing in more than 120 television markets, the Mr. Food vignette is nationally syndicated by CBS Worldwide Distribution, with close to 4 million viewers tuning in daily to see what Mr. Food is cooking up for them.

What is Mr. Food's real name? ›

Art Ginsburg, who billed himself as Mr. Food in 90-second televised cooking lessons — attracting nearly four million viewers for each, selling eight million cookbooks and presaging today's proliferation of celebrity chef shows — died Wednesday at his home in Weston, Fla. He was 81.

What happened to the Test Kitchen guy? ›

Direct Competition Came From Kimball's Milk Street Television Show. Kimball's departure from "America's Test Kitchen" didn't mark his disappearance from the world of culinary television entirely; the reason he left was to start his new project, "Milk Street," a direct competitor to the Test Kitchen market and audience.

Who pays for America's Test Kitchen? ›

We are thankful to the sponsors of our public television series, who make it possible for us to bring you the America's Test Kitchen series. Their financial support covers the costs of filming, editing, and distributing the series to your local public television station.

What does America's Test Kitchen do with all the food they test? ›

We've been composting in the test kitchen since January of 2019. Currently, we work with Agri-Cycle, a Maine-based food-waste collection service that breaks down the organic matter with enzymes and converts it into renewable energy.

Who is leaving Food Network after 27 years? ›

Bobby Flay and Food Network have agreed to stick together. The celebrity chef, who was momentarily on track to depart the channel after 27 years, has signed a multi-year exclusive deal that will keep him put through 2024.

Is Molly Yeh still on Food Network? ›

Is Molly Yeh coming back to Food Network? Yes, she is! According to Deadline, in February 2023, Yeh signed an exclusive two-year deal to come back to the Food Network. "I am thrilled to be making more episodes of Girl Meets Farm," Yeh said in a statement at the time.

Who just left the Food Network? ›

Giada De Laurentiis opened up about the decision to step away from Food Network, citing burnout as the reason for her departure.

Where does Guy from Food Network live? ›

They live in Santa Rosa, California, with their sons, Hunter and Ryder and their nephew Jules. Fieri's sister died in 2011 of metastatic melanoma and Fieri decided to take care of the 11-year old Jules.

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